Many public school students either drop out of high school or graduate ill-prepared for the demands of college and the workforce. This is especially true for low-income and minority students, who often enter school far behind their peers and consistently land in classrooms with the least effective teachers. By supporting advocacy and innovative policies, the Callejo-Botello Foundation works to ensure that all students – especially children of color and those who grow up in poverty – have access to a college degree.

The Callejo-Botello Foundation believes that education changes lives and strengthens communities. As a result, we strategically partner and invest our knowledge, expertise and resources to create opportunities for students to succeed in postsecondary education.

Goal: By fostering a college-going culture, the Foundation seeks to increase the number of young adults graduating from high school to succeed in college, career and life.

The Callejo-Botello Foundation awards academic scholarships based on need and academic achievement.

For more information on the Foundation, scholarships or to volunteer please contact the Foundation.

The Foundation also invests in programs and clinics to encourage students to attend college and law school.